MaxWorx is continuing to work for you during COVID-19

Even with Governor Wolf shutting down non-life sustaining businesses, MaxWorx- an integrated employment division of Hope Enterprises- is still providing America with basic necessities. With jobs in food and paper manufacturing, MaxWorx has found itself as one of the few industrial sectors to remain open during this crisis. 

“Our team’s dependability has always been one of our greatest strengths. Even in this emergency situation, we remain calm and come to work understanding the importance to the community.” 

Outside of MaxWorx’s industrial solutions, their janitorial services have also been in high-demand in central Pennsylvania. With over 40 employees, many companies have been calling on MaxWorx to reinforce their sanitation efforts and keep everyone healthy. 

For information regarding full-facility fogging/disinfection
please contact Ryan Crawford at



Current Customers

  • Staiman Recycling
  • Brodart Company
  • Construction Specialties
  • First Quality Products
  • Flexcon Containers
  • Keystone Friction Hinge
  • LeClerc Foods, USA
  • National Ticket Company
  • The Beistle Company
  • Thermal Product Solutions
  • BLaST IU 17