Truck Driver (CDL-not required)

This position is responsible for the safe operations of the vehicle, timely pick-up and delivery of subcontract work using the MaxWorx vehicle.

Part Time

Job Description

Drivers are responsible for providing vehicle operations to ensure subcontract work is completed.


Essential Functions

Ability to hear, write, read, and comprehend what is read and perform basic math functions with or without reasonable accommodations.

Ability to drive a MaxWorx vehicle while maintain the highest standard of ability


Specific Duties

Transport material to/from the Work Center for customers.

Assist Warehouse Clerk in loading and unloading the truck.

Review paperwork of all shipments to ensure accuracy of the materials that are transported.

Maintain proper condition of the truck by checking the oil, all fluids, lights and tires on a weekly basis. Report any irregularities to the Operations Manager. Complete maintenance checklist on a periodic basis.

Maintain cleanliness of the truck, both interior & exterior, which includes taking the truck to the car wash as necessary.

Transport vehicle to garage, as needed, for necessary servicing and inspections.

Notify the Operations Manager of any mechanical problems, via the vehicle maintenance form immediately.

Attend training as requested by the Production Manager. Training may include CPR, First Aid, Drivers training, etc.

It is the drivers’ responsibility to drive within the speed limit and obey all traffic signs, laws, and regulations.

The driver is responsible for completing paperwork related to the truck, including auto servicing and information forms, mileage logs, and maintenance checklists. Drivers shall log all mileage.

The driver is responsible for tracking routine maintenance, tire rotation, etc., and notify the Operations Manager when work is needed.



High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License
*Safe driving record (Driver’s record will be checked by MaxWorx)


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EO M/F/Disability/Vet Employer