About Maxworx

Our Mission 

MaxWorx provides integrated employment opportunities that save time and money.

Who is MaxWorx

MaxWorx was formed in 2017 as a corporate division of Hope Enterprises, Inc. Named after Hope’s founder, Dr. Max Miller, MaxWorx is the evolution of providing integrated employment for adults with disabilities. Prior to 2015, many MaxWorx employees worked in Hope’s “sheltered workshop” and were paid a sub-minimum wage. With the closing of that program in the Spring of 2015, many were retained at Hope and given a fair labor wage. As lack of employees has grown, MaxWorx was formed to not only provide integrated employment, but to take on the jobs that help businesses cut cost and be more efficient.

MaxWorx currently serves five counties in central Pennsylvania (Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Columbia, Northumberland), has over 75 employees, and remains committed to providing integrated employment opportunities to adults with disabilities.

Why Choose MaxWorx

MaxWorx is an employee-centric division of Hope Enterprises that stresses employee welfare through hiring and accommodating each person’s abilities. Our team works to create a equal opportunity environment that provides that benefit of integrated employment.

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Meet Our Leaders

Ryan Crawford

MaxWorx Director
Photo of Ryan Crawford

Biographical Info

Ryan joined MaxWorx as the Director in 2021. He brings experience in manufacturing, marketing, and business development for continued growth in providing integrated employment opportunities.

Email: rcrawford@maxworx.org

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